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Blue Window

by Craig Lucas

Right below the title on the front of the play it says : A Comedy. And yet, it didn't really strike me as one. First, I will say, it was very hard for me to read. I mean, it's the kind of play that would be better appreciated by watching it (as are most plays).. there is a lot of overlapping dialogue and three different conversations happening in three different spaces, so trying to keep that all straight in my mind was somewhat difficult. That being said, it seemed to all build to the point of Libby's final monologue - where we learn her story and why she's hosting the dinner party. That was the most intriguing section of the play for me.. I found her struggle very moving. The rest of the dialogue didn't impress me so much as the style of the piece - I think Lucas has written a very interesting movement.. it seems musical - all the overlapping dialogues, ebbs and flows of people's voices.. even just looking at the words on the page resembles looking at a page of sheet music - so specific, so rhythmic. I'd love to see this staged somewhere.

If you click the link of the title you'll find a review from the '96 revival at MTC... I agree with most of that review, though he is a bit harsh.

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Anonymous said...

yes, i completely agree about "Blue Window". It's odd, when i asked a theatre professor recently for a comedic monologue suggestion, the Libby-falling-off-the-balcony monologue was what she proposed...which is clearly a dramatic piece. And yes, i also find reading the overlapping discussions a bit of a challenge - or, at least, much less engaging than it would be watching it performed.



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