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Lips Together, Teeth Apart

by Terrence McNally

I was unaware of this play until it caused drama for Roundabout this past season (click title above for article), but I happily picked it up off the $1.00 rack at the Strand a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the read, though wondered why I wasn't more moved. There are quite a few moments towards the beginning (and continued throughout) that approach soliloquy - we learn many of the characters' secrets this way. I found this to be an interesting device and yet I thought wouldn't it be more fun if the characters spoke their lines to each other, or to themselves, and the other characters chose not to hear it or did not hear because they were focused on themselves or other things? Would that not make a comment of how we communicate - and how you can know someone so well and yet not know them at all.. Perhaps this was the intent with speaking to the audience. Regardless, it would have made for an interesting revival, I'm sorry we won't get to see it.

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