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Prelude to a Kiss

by Craig Lucas

What a great acting challenge! Switching bodies with an old man.. and both characters taking on traits of the other in order to maintain believability. So cool. Such an air of the fairy tale to this piece. I really loved it.

What I took away from this play is the question "how well can you really know another person?" At the start of the relationship I think Peter believes that it's impossible to ever really truly know another human being. He says to "Rita" (who is actually the Old Man, but Peter is not totally aware of this yet),
Do you ever think how we're each a whole, separate being beside one another. Each with a heart pumping inside and a soul and all our memories. How I can never, no matter how close we ever become, share your past, be with you as a nine-year-old, as a baby.
and yet, by the end of their honeymoon he is convinced that she is not herself. He knows. Even though it sounds crazy, to think that two people could switch bodies, he knows that Rita is not Rita. That's a very strong argument for just how well you can know a person, regardless of the walls they put up, or all the thoughts they have that you'll never understand. We're human. There's something innate about the connection we have with others. Out of that need to connect came language, came dancing, came cell phones, came Facebook. All of these things are simply a prelude to a kiss.

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