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by Jonathan Marc Sherman

I re-organized my plays today, which were spilling out of my bookshelf, so that they now take up two bookshelves and I stumbled upon this play. I read it a while ago but I'd forgotten if it was any good. Upon re-reading, I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like I know each of these characters - like I've met them. What I enjoyed most was the camaraderie between the three main guys - all college students. Their scenes are the funniest. The main thread of the sexual harassment case reminded me of Doubt. Here also I appreciated the ambiguity because it's not clear in the play who is telling the truth, so I felt that it really leaves it up to the director and actors to make whichever choice they find most potent. I was hoping to find a good scene for two women for my scene study class, but alas, no such luck.

Mr. Sherman put this quote at the beginning of the play and I just love it - "But it was an experience. I will not turn him into an anecdote. How do we fit what happened to us into life without turning it into an anecdote with no teeth and a punch line you'll mouth over and over for years to come ... How do we keep the experience?"  - John Guare, Six Degrees of Separation

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Melanie said...

like the quote too. not every experience can end up being, "MEL-on-y!" perhaps if we write a play of each valid life chapter...we'd remember it appropriately AND make a buck.


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