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Stop Kiss

by Diana Son

As promised :)

Love this. Love that there's no intermission. Love that it jumps around in time. Love that it's a story about WOMEN but above all, about love. I love that the relationships are complex and not so easily defined. Too often I think we categorize things.. easily placing people and things into little boxes so we can more readily understand. As if we can possibly understand the depth of a person's soul by checking off little boxes - female, white, tall.

Stop Kiss had its premiere in 1998.. How much can change in just over a decade! If this play was written now I wonder how different it would be. Would it be different? It certainly seems that our collective unconscious has become more and more accepting of homosexual relationships in the last twelve years, and yet I could imagine the events of this play still taking place today in some parts of our country. And with that, I am reminded that change is slow. Just as the emotions blossomed slowly between Callie and Sara, so too is our country slow to expand its mind and heart. And at the core of this play is a matter of the heart. We all want to be loved. To find love and throw caution to the wind and thank our lucky stars we found it. Son brilliantly weaves the threat of the violence throughout the play but the final image is not one of aggression - it is of two women sharing a moment of purity and honesty.

On a final note, I encourage any and all to share your thoughts about these plays as well! Let's open up a dialogue! From now on at the end of each post I'll announce the play for the next day, hopefully allowing you to read along with me if you want to! Feel free to leave a comment!

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