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Time Stands Still

by Donald Margulies

As I was reading this play I couldn't help but imagine the recent casting in my mind. In some ways that can be helpful but in others I think it hinders my own interpretation of the piece. Regardless, I wish I had seen this when it was still playing. That's one of the hard things about travelling to perform, you miss all the good new theatre! Alas. I love Donald Margulies and I found this play to be topical without being preachy. I think my favorite scene was when they were all talking about the recent play they'd been to see and how tragedy is turned into clean, neat "entertainment" for the masses.. especially considering the issues tackled in this play I think that opens up an important dialogue for the role of theatre - the role of the artist (be it actor, director, or photographer) .. all of us are telling stories that are not our own - what rights do we have? what responsibilities?  ...

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