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A View from the Bridge

by Arthur Miller

Remind me to read a comedy next.

Reading this play made me wish I had seen the recent revival - anyone who saw it I'd love to know your thoughts. I found the play captivating and sad.. more and more I'm thinking that everything is a power struggle - men and woman constantly sizing each other up and trying to come out on top. The relationships in the play are really complex - I think Beatrice gets the toughest lot - and yet she never seems to stop loving Eddie, even through her fear and jealousy and disappointment. I was left wanting more, wanting to know what these characters are like in ten years.. was Rodolpho gay? Is Catherine destroyed by Eddie's death?

Alfieri has a line at the end in reference to Eddie that struck me, "for he allowed himself to be wholly known." What is it, to be known wholly? Certainly in Eddie's case it was more for the worse than the better, but it seems to me a beautiful idea to be known so completely by someone. There's a kind of innocence in that, a kind of 'purity,' as Alfieri mentions.

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