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Death of a Salesman

by Arthur Miller

Wow. I feel a little drained reading this play. It was beautiful and sad .. there was so much humanity that it scared me at times. No one wants to think that they'll end up a failure. It's not what we're raised to believe.. life doesn't get worse, it gets better.. just give it time. Willy couldn't accept his reality and it killed him.

Salesman also made me think about how much language has changed over the years.. this was written in 1948 and there were lines that felt so foreign to me. I found myself looking up the definition of a few words, like I do when reading Shakespeare. On that note, at what point does a play graduate into "classic" territory? How old does it have to be to be considered classic rather than contemporary or even modern classic (which is a contradiction in terms, yes)..?

All in all, I thought that the play was brilliant, albeit depressing. Willy Loman seems to be a tour-de-force role of Shakespearean epicness.. I can see why so many men want to play him. It's one of those plays that I'd always meant to read and never got around to it.. I'm glad that I did. Though, I think I'll read a comedy next....

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