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Miss Lilly Gets Boned

by Bekah Brunstetter

I really like this play. It is comedic and yet deals with very deep, even terrifying ideas. There are elements of fantasy and heightened reality (like an elephant as a character, who has lines).. but the difficulties that present themselves in this play are exactly what draw me to it. I would love to see the magical qualities play out - how someone would bring to life Harold the elephant.. perhaps in puppet form a la the horses in Equus or even if a man could realistically capture the essence of the elephant and allow us to suspend our disbelief.

I think Brunstetter has done a fantastic job with the character of Jordan, a young boy whose mother was brutally killed by an elephant.. the way he deals with his grief in the play is heartbreaking. In a few years I would love to play Miss Lilly - she is a wonderfully innocent character who you can't help but feel for.
Her sister Lara, who believes that "conversations aren't conversations, conversations are foreplay" makes for a perfect balance to Lilly's naivete. Plus, the love interest has a South African accent.. and that's just sexy.

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