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Torch Song Trilogy: The International Stud

by Harvey Fierstein

My good friend Johnnie requested that I read this series of plays, so this goes out to him! :)

As the first of the trio, this play is an introduction to the beginning (and end?) of a love affair that will no doubt be the subject of the next two chapters. The characters of Arnold and Ed are lovable and behind all that wit and sarcasm, their hearts shine through. Arnold says in his opening monologue:
The person who thinks they's mature enough to handle an affair that's hopeless from the beginning is the very same person who keeps the publishers of Gothic Romances up to their tragic endings in mink.
Not one scene later, he meets Ed and his path toward love and heartbreak is taken. He foreshadows his own unhappiness in that first speech. And yet, in the blush of love who listens to the warning signs? Ed tells Arnold when they first meet that he also dates women.. a red flag that Arnold conveniently ignores, and one that comes back to bite him in the ass. I can't wait to see what happens next in the story of these two men. The first play certainly ends on a cliff-hanger.. I can hear the old serial radio voice now.. Stay tuned next week to see what happens to our heros! Will Ed leave Laurel and return to Arnold? Will Arnold actually kick the shit out of Ed? Will that mysterious jazz singer find another piano to stand on? Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Friday Play-a-day: Torch Song Trilogy: Fugue in a Nursery by Harvey Fierstein

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johnnie said...

im in love with this. just wait until you get into it. : )


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