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Uncommon Women And Others

by Wendy Wasserstein

While I enjoyed this play, I found it a bit dated. Written in 1977, I imagine it was somewhat of a "Sex & the City" of its time.. I mean, these women have some pretty open, even racy discussions. And while not revolutionary now, thirty-three years ago this was some sexy stuff on that stage.

More revolutionary that just sex talk, in my opinion, is the frank criticism of marriage from the women. They were raised to believe that it was important to be educated and to work but the image of a husband, two kids, and a house in the suburbs is still ingrained in their minds. These moments of debate, which are so common in dorm rooms around the country, created dramatic moments that were memorable and moving. Girls are having similar conversations around the country at this very moment that more than likely resemble the scenes of this play... just a little updated.
The heart is the capital of the mind,  
The mind is a single state.
  heart and mind together make
A single continent.
One is the population
Numerous enough.
This ecstatic nation
Seek -- it is yourself.                -Emily Dickinson

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