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Come Back, Little Sheba

by William Inge

All of these Inge plays are starting to run together in my mind! This was actually the first time where I had to scan my posts to see if I'd already written about it because as I began reading I realized that I had read it not too long ago. I have not yet chronicled my reaction, however, and so now I shall! There is a lot of antithesis in this play - most obviously with the character of Doc. His shifts from sober to alcoholic and back again are incredibly dynamic. This is not my favorite Inge play, though I did find it interesting having just read The Dark at the Top of the Stairs yesterday, I found myself thinking of the characters of Marie and Bruce as the younger versions of Cora and Rubin from Dark.. Not much else to say about the play. It didn't leave too lasting of an impression on me, obviously, since I thought I hadn't read it! I interpreted the title differently this time - Sheba is Lola's dog who went missing but I think what Lola is really longing for every time she calls out for Sheba is her own long lost youth, that can never be regained. Ooh, deep, Lauren. All in all, the play is worth a look - though tomorrow I need to read something where the women have a little more backbone!

Don't forget to click the link of the Title for a surprise relating to the play!

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