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An Error of the Moon

by Luigi Creatore

Another play I had the pleasure of reading before an audition, this is the story of the brothers Booth - both actors, one famous for his art and one infamous for his crime. It's a love triangle of sorts - Edwin is married to Mary, whom he suspects is having an affair with his brother John. The play spans the time from just before Edwin marries to Mary to just before John kills President Lincoln. It's an interesting experience, since we all know what happens at the end, to see how these brothers relate to each other and what a charming, funny guy John was before he became a criminal. It reminds us of the "crime of passion" - one done out of a strong belief that leads the committer to an extreme action.

John is passionate about the cause in the South and wants to fight for the Confederate Army. His plan is to capture President Lincoln and to hold him as a prisoner. Edwin warns him about the dangers of war and tries to encourage him to stay at home and work his craft. He says:
A corpse doesn't take bows, Johnny.
John is not easily dissuaded and goes off to fight. Meanwhile, Mary becomes ill and Edwin is driven further into alcoholism. It's a dramatic tale of love and passion, of all sorts. To see how it ends, I encourage you all to go check it out! It will be playing off-Broadway very soon! For more info visit:

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