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Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

by Alan Ball

Ah, the dreaded bridesmaid dress. Not being a bride myself, I can only assume that all brides strive to pick something classy that everyone will like, but when you have women of varying tastes it's very nearly impossible. By placing his five main characters in the same dress, Ball allows us to see the differences among these women. Their individual personalities are even more pronounced.

All five women, for different reasons, are avoiding the reception. They take refuge in one room where they discuss life, love, jealousy, past, future.. all those good, juicy things.

Surprisingly, I didn't find myself really relating to one character. I laughed at some of them, I agreed with some of them, but I didn't think, oh that one's me. I did like one of Mindy's speeches - she is the most sheltered of the women and is shy at first, but once she does speak up she is quick to share her opinions about the world. She says to the other women:
These women who are willing to have their lips poofed up and their tits inflated and their ribs removed? I mean, come on. That sounds like a Nazi war experiment. Those ribs are there for a reason. And that fat sucking thing? I'm sorry. There is something desperately wrong with a culture which encourages people to go to such extremes. We think we are so civilized. But we're just as barbaric as those Aztec guys who played soccer with human heads.
Ooh, topical, topical. I loved that in this play we never met the bride. We hear about her but we never actually meet her character. I think that's great. Because for once, it's all about the bridesmaids.

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