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The Actor's Nightmare

by Christopher Durang

I feel like this is one of those chicken or the egg things. Did the actor's nightmare exist before Durang named it? I'm sure it did, but how lovely to read someone else's version. In my own nightmare it's often a blend of having to go on for Hamlet and being part of Dance Theatre (a large dance-show I did for years) without ever having learned the choreography. I'm often running backstage, hearing lines on stage and freaking out about not knowing where my next entrance is or how Hamlet and dance go together! Sometimes the theatre changes from dream to dream, or the people - one time there were Cirque-like performers in face-paint and running around on stilts. Too much yoga that day, perhaps.

Poor George. In Durang's play George isn't even an actor. He's an accountant. That must be REALLY frightening, thinking you're all safe, in your office, with your briefcase, and then BAM you're shoved on stage in doublet and hose in the middle of the first scene of Private Lives. Uh, good luck!

So what's your actor's nightmare? I know you have a good one. Care to share?

Tomorrow's Play: Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire

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woodsy said...

I actually don't have actor's nightmares. I sometimes have dreams where I can't get to where I feel I need to be, but those more often involve day jobs than acting jobs. I seem to dimly recall a dream about having to perform and not knowing what was going on but it didn't scare me so much. I went with it.


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