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Loose Knit

by Theresa Rebeck

When I can predict where a story is going I 1) feel a small feeling of satisfaction and 2) feel a larger feeling of disappointment. I enjoy being surprised and outsmarted by the play or movie I'm reading or seeing. This is the main reason I don't see horror films, I figure them out too quickly and spend the next two hours pissed off. That being said, reading Loose Knit I had a few moments where I knew what was going to happen (called the affair with the sister by the husband's second line) and there were some things that surprised me (the complicated relationship between Liz and creepster Miles seemed to ring true).. Overall I found the play tamer than I would have liked. I wanted more of the repercussions of the affair and I wanted more of the Lily/Miles relationship. Miles in general was super creepy and I was interested in his point of view, I wanted his character to be more fleshed out. I didn't quite understand why Lily wouldn't just go for Miles since she had kicked her husband out? My favorite scene was when Paula went on her date with Miles. I thought it was risky and the conversation turned towards the controversial... and that's more of what I wanted from the rest of the play.

I have always wanted to learn how to knit, though I don't think I'll be joining a knitting group anytime soon. Too much drama!

Tomorrow's Play: Golden Boy by Clifford Odets

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