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Four Dogs and a Bone

by John Patrick Shanley

Before we talk Shanley, I must say - I've not been very good about keeping to my advance play list. I get inspired in the moment and want to switch it up! Some days I just need to read a comedy. Sometimes I can't get through a play. I have tried like four times to read Dublin Carol, I swear I just can't get through it. I will eventually, maybe when it's colder outside. Anyway, this week consists of a bunch of plays that you had no warning about and I hope you'll enjoy them just as much.

And now.......

A failing movie! A young up-and-coming starlet cat-fighting with an almost-washed-up actress! A writer with a drinking problem! A producer in need of money! Lying! Backstabbing! Sex as bait! Sounds like just another day in the Entertainment business. I mean... just kidding, Mom.

It's a funny play. There are witty one-liners like:
Hacks go into rehab. Good writers drink.
It'll make you laugh and/or groan, whether you're in the Business or not. As for the title - there are four main characters all fighting tooth and nail to "make it." Fame as a bone, in this case, makes perfect sense. It reveals the characters at their most animalistic .. their most pathetic, and shows us what the limelight can do when you stop working for the love of it and start chasing your name in lights.

There are even in-jokes for the Shakespeare nerds (she says, proudly)!
Hear me when I say, there's beauty to staying in the background. Remember Brutus. He did very well. Till he wanted to direct. 
Will this play change your life? Probably not. Will it entertain you? Absolutely.

Tomorrow's Play: House of Blue Leaves by John Guare

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