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by Woody Allen

The last time I read this play was for my high school acting class when we did a production of it. I don't remember it being so strange. And I seem to have a vivid memory of a very real Deus ex machina Zeus flying down from the ceiling of our auditorium, which I know can't possibly be true.

It's funnier than I remember too. Or perhaps I just better understand all the New York humor now.

           Woman: They had a knife, they wanted my money.
           Diabetes: You should have given it to them.
           Woman: I did. They still stabbed me.
           Chorus: That's New York. You give 'em the money and they still stab you.

What an interesting man. This play is not his best, by far, but I am amazed at how all of his work is so deeply personal. Perhaps because he acts in his films and writes and directs it is impossible for things not to get personal, but I think it takes true talent to define your voice as an artist and he has certainly done that. I feel that he has lived his life in a transparent way - putting everything on the stage or screen. To be that bold, that giving of oneself, take guts.

For that, I tip my hat to you Mr. Allen. *tip*

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