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Weekend Comedy

by Jeanne and Sam Bobrick

This is the tale of two couples. One day, an old couple rented a cabin for vacation. Soon, they met a new couple.... who had rented the same cabin. Neither wanted to leave ... much hilarity ensued.

Truth be told, I found most of the comedy in this play predictable. Entertaining? Yes, that too.

Each couple learns something about their relationship through watching the other couple. There are heartwarming moments, but mostly it's wise-cracks from the crotchety older husband, Frank. He initially invites the younger couple to stay for the weekend after a night of drinking.
That damn champagne! I'm not used to that stuff. It makes me too friendly. 
On his website, Sam Bobrick says:
For the most part, my plays are comedies. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to sit in an audience and listen to people laugh. Although I feel there are moments of insight and enlightenment in my plays, I've never really had a depressing message I felt necessary to share with the public. My main goal has always been to entertain, to have people leaving the theatre feeling good. Life is tough enough. Why send an audience home suicidal. It only cuts into future ticket sales. 
 Fair enough. He also wrote a play called Hamlet II - Better than the original. The summary reads:
"Hamlet, but with a happier ending. Guildenstern and Rosencrantz are Groucho and Harpo, Ophelia is a slut and Hamlet is a pest. If you've had trouble grasping the intent of Shakespeare's classic endeavor, this should clear it up once and for all. The text remains very true to good old Will's basic fundamentals. The play is frequently performed in high schools and colleges as well as by professional theatre groups."
THAT I want to read. Anyone have a copy?

Tomorrow's Play: Lascivious Something by Sheila Callaghan

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Nicholas said...

tough to find a copy, but here's a few:


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