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3x3, or 9 After 9

by Kevin Brewer and Shane Breaux

I won't talk too much about this play because it's still being workshopped and I don't want to give away all of the awesomeness before you all have a chance to experience it for yourselves... but, what I WILL say is that this collaboration produced some hilarity as well as some truly touching moments.

This play was co-written by two awesome playwrights, whom I met while working on Brewer's Island with the New York Shakespeare Exchange. I just realized that I never blogged about Island ... that will be remedied in the near future.

3x3, or 9 after 9 takes place in a 3-floor apartment building. Each floor has three apartments, creating a cube of people living on top and underneath and in between each other. So, the question is, how well do you know your neighbors?

More info to come about upcoming readings of this play. Stay tuned!

Tomorrow's Play: The Great Divide by William Vaughn Moody

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