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by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

2012 is exactly 19 days away. Are you prepared?

Okay, so, fine, the world is always "ending." And most of the time it just ends up being another day, no matter the build-up (Y2K anyone?) but in boom the world actually is ending, according to marine biologist Jules.
Nuah Ozryel and Molly Gray in boom

The play opens on Jules' lab/apartment where Jo, a journalism student, has joined Jules after answering his online ad for "intensely significant coupling." But things aren't quite what they seem..

Jules has stocked up on everything from bourbon to toilet paper, tampons to diapers, because this isn't just your average booty call via craigslist.. This is your "the world is ending and I need you to help me repopulate it" kind of booty call. I guess if he wrote that in the ad he might not get a response.

Naturally, Jo is a little skeptical. I mean, is this just the guy from those Rapture subway ads? (Why did they leave those up so long afterwards?) Jules explains that after studying the sleeping patterns of fish while on a desert island, he has come to the conclusion that the earth is going to be hit by a large meteorite. His lab, conveniently, was built to be a bomb shelter. Add some toiletries, food, a smokin hot chick, some little fish and voila - survival of mankind forevermore.

There's just the little problem of Jules being a homosexual.

Jo: You're a fag.
Jules: You shouldn't make assumptions based on that.
Jo: I'm assuming that you fuck men.
Jules: That doesn't mean I wouldn't be able to with a woman.
Jo: Have you ever?
Jules: No.

What follows is a pressure-cooker of desperation, fear, vulnerability, lust, and fish.

boom is a hilarious and thought-provoking glimpse into a potential not-so-distant future when man's only hope relies on two people who met via the internet.

Heather Meagher, Molly Gray, and Nuah Ozryel in boom
Sound like a play you might enjoy? You're in luck! boom is currently being produced by Blowout Theatre Company!

Performances are Dec 15-17 at 7:30pm. 

Buy tickets now or pay at the door.

Nuah Ozryel
Molly Gray
Heather Meagher 

Direction: Kerry Kastin
Set Design: Chesapeake Westveer
Light Design: Liz Blessing
Costume Design: Katelin Lee
Sound Design: Peter André

Tomorrow's Play: Cymbeline by William Shakespeare

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Ryan said...

Hey, I just found your blog and I see that your an actor in NYC. AWesome!!! I barely see anything from NYC actors, keep updating!
Can you talk about film work in NYC.


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